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Powerful Weight LossFat Burning100 Capsules
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LepigenX helps you gain control over your weight. Thanks to a combination of four very powerful plant breeds, we have produced the most powerful fat propellant. LepigenX increase metabolism, dampens appetite and give extra energy.

Green Tea extract gives you energy for the all day, help to burns fat and it is great antioxidant. Panax giseng fight tiredness, increase energy level, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress and moreover promote relaxation, treat diabetes, and manage sexual dysfunction in men. Capsicum contain high amount of vitamin A and C, which will support your health in general and it reliefs from stomach issues. Capsicum contains Alkaloids, which work as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant agents. Piper Negrum extract is thermogenic stimulates this basal metabolism and produces more heat, this function will help to burn fat faster.

 The product is suitable for anyone who want to lose weight quickly without risking side effects and package contains capsules that are easy to swallow. The components seem synergistic and reinforce each others effects.

Recommended dosage: Take 1-3 capsules 2-3 times a day. Remember to drink 50cl of water together with the capsules, and take the capsules 30 to 60 minutes before meals.



Green Tea Extract
Capsicum Extract
Panax Ginseng
Piper Negrum Extract
Vegetable magnesium stearate
Capsule shell of gelatin