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Our new Helsingor Pills Original is a combination of Helsingor Pills and Helsingor Pills X - Strong that make it possible for you to succeed. This is a fat burner and a weight loss product that works for everyone! 

It supports incineration during physical activity. Antioxidant promotes mental and cognitive activity, the right form of reproductive system.

Helsingor Pills Original is a diet pill made of 100 percent natural ingredients. No chemical, synthetic or artificial substances are added, and the tablets contain only plant extract such as L-Tyrosine, Beta- Phenylethylamine and Green Tea extract.

L-Tyrosine helps to speed metabolism, reduction in body fat mass, improve mood and also helps to relieve stress. It prevents weight gain and prompts weight loss by increasing daily activities.

Beta-Phenylethylamine works on relieving depression and providing energy that often becomes a cause of weight gain. Beta-Phenylethylamine aids weight loss, appetite suppressing, mood enhancer, concentration aid, and cognitive enhancement.

Green Tea extract gives you energy for the all day, burns fat and it is great antioxidant. 

With them you can lose weight because they burn fat and dampen hunger. 

Have you long struggled to lose weight without results or are you struggling to keep your weight after dieting? 

Helsingor Pills Original increases your metabolism by 15-25%, and your hunger sensations are muted or disappeared using substances that act as the body's own adrenaline: They increase blood pressure so blood flows faster through the body. The blood supplies the body cells with oxygen. The body cells use oxygen and fat to produce energy (metabolism). When taking Helsingor Pills, you get more energy and therefore burn more body fat. That is why the Helsingor Pills is also used as a so-called fat burner.

With Helsingor Pills Original you not only increase fat burning, but you also get energy to live a more active life. The appetite is reduced considerably, and if you also do something about your diets, we promise you will have a great result.

Recommended dosage: 1 capsule twice a day, drink a glass of water.


L- Tyrosine
Green Tea extract
Green Coffee Beans extract